Goya and Dr Arrieta


I was asked why I was drawing when I went around a gallery the other day.
I told her it was for a book.
She said "oh, an illustration."
I said no, it wasn't an illustration, just like something which will compliment the text.
I said that these faces could be anyone's faces, that you could tell any story about them, that I was just looking for faces which showed anguish, which is the theme of this book.



Some things which probably will make it into the next book.

Thematic Overview - Peilis

I have been calling my next project "Knives in School" as I wrote.
But really that is just the short pitch.

Here is a thematic plan of the plot which I wrote a few months ago.
You can see that it is going to be much more than just knives in school.



Not a lot to do with writing.

But you never know, they might make an appearance in a book in the future.


Rūta Review by Lisa from Carelessly Uttered

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And thank you very much Lisa for reviewing it!
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Rūta Giveaway - 8th September - 9th September

This weekend Rūta is free for download on kindle.
This is ahead of the paperback launch now due, 30th of September.